Hi, Lloyd. I tried posting a comment on the Co2 article, but it is another guys's substack, so I'm posting here.

Have you posted/written any articles about the idea that the term "fossil fuels" was an invention of the big oil guys to make oil seem rare and use the idea to raise prices? Apparently Prouty talked about that idea, but I've not been able to find anything truly gripping to back that up. Am I missing something? Thomas Gold wrote a book about it, Deep, Hot Biosphere?

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On top of that, Siri hides behind a paywall

Or makes you jump through hoops to read his propaganda.

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Aaron Siri is part of the problem. He keeps talking about vaccines as if they have any historical proof of having any benefits.

He is obviously a gatekeeper and a moron. He can’t be that stupid. He must know the history of vaccination.

But he continues to bring up stupid idiotic posts like these.

It’s disgusting because it gives credence to the criminal act of vaccination.

Want to know the historical truth of that criminal barbaric useless act?

Here. Read and learn:


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